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Gosport Heritage Action Zone

Gosport’s Heritage Action Zone is pooling the skills and resources of a number of partners to save the town’s military heritage – from barracks to trenches and green spaces – using it as an anchor to support the town’s regeneration so that the local community will benefit.

Gosport is a town on the south coast of England, not far from Portsmouth. In the late-17th century Portsmouth began to grow rapidly – the Navy created a significant demand for beer, meat, bread and other goods. Tradesmen in Gosport supplied some of Portsmouth’s needs and as a result, the town grew too.

Gosport is home to a number of naval buildings and places of historic interest. Whilst Gosport is still home to HMS Sultan and a Naval Armament Supply Facility as well as a Helicopter Repair base, many of the historic buildings are derelict and in need of a new use and lease of life.

What is the Heritage Action Zone?

The Heritage Action Zone Delivery Plan is available below:

Icon for pdf HAZ Delivery Plan 2020 [111.66KB]

Gosport has a rich military heritage, with a significant number of challenges. In addition, as a densely populated urban developed peninsula, there are limited options to expand and meet the local housing and employment land use needs of the Borough.

Key regeneration sites across Gosport are characterised by having significant heritage features, historic buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. These are now coming forward for redevelopment via public sector land releases and this puts pressure on Gosport’s historic environment.

The Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) was needed to help address the challenge of a number of regeneration sites coming forward for redevelopment across the Borough. To enable successful delivery of these sites, creative solutions and best practice examples will be used to help ensure that historic buildings have the appropriate modern day and commercial uses. We will be endeavouring to ensure that their historic environment is respected, whilst generating much needed local economic growth and improvements in job opportunities, educational standards and health.

The HAZ provides direct Gosport Borough Council and Historic England staff expertise and funding support for specific projects that will make significant contributions to the overall successful delivery of the key regeneration sites. Just as importantly, the HAZ will also help unlock much needed external financial assistance.

HAZ has a thread of community engagement running through it where communities will be consulted and be able to take part in directly preserving their heritage.

HAZ will be delivered through a range of partners including Historic England, the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, One Public Estate, Hampshire County Council, East Solent Coastal Partnership and the Gosport Society.

Gosport High Streets Action Zone
The High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) is a government funded scheme delivered by Historic England.

Selected as one of 68 locations, Gosport Borough Council in partnership with Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT) secured funding of £1.78 million to implement a four year multi-project programme across Gosport High Street and Stoke Road conservation areas.

Through these projects, Gosport’s HSHAZ plans to transform disused or underused high street buildings and establish new creative, cultural, residential and commercial opportunities.
The planned programme of works includes the redevelopment of Grade II listed Gosport Museum and Gallery, the restoration of the former Royal Arms Hotel ornate stained glass canopy and grants to help shop owners restore the historic qualities of their properties.
Gosport High Streets Action Zone

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