Haslar Gunboat Yard

Starvale Developments Ltd
Proposals for the Gun Boat Yard, Haslar Road, Gosport
Gunboat Yard Development

Gunboat Yard Development

Starvale Developments purchased the former Gunboat Yard on Haslar Road, Gosport from Qinetiq in 2015 with the
intention to renovate, convert & develop the site as a comprehensive rejuvenation of an abandoned and historically
important area with untapped waterfront potential. This application is the result of over two years of discussions and
negotiations and seeks a holistic approval from Gosport Borough Council.
The scheme falls into the following elements:
  • 1. Conversion of the Grade II upper site buildings into a single 5bed dwelling with associated exterior works
  • 2. Conversion of the workshops in curtilage of Grade I main shed into 3No. 3bed dwellings
  • 3. Conversion of 1950’s store within Grade I shed to 220m2 D1 art gallery at GF & 4bed first floor dwelling (with elevational alterations)
  • 4. Formation of new vehicular entrance with alterations to Grade II* wall to Haslar Road with tarmac route through Grade I shed up to edge of Scheduled Monument. Continuing vehicular route across gravel to
  • waterside site. 23No. parking spaces within shed.
  • 5. A Listed Building Application incorporating the above 4 elements
  • 6. Construction of a new 3 storey waterside building with 335sq.m GF A1/2/3/B1 & 12No. 2bed apartments.
  • 7. Flood defence sea wall construction and barrage, dredging of former slipway and channel and conversion of existing jetties for new floating pontoon (for up to 50No. 10m vessels).
  • 8.Proposed triple deck Dry Stack (6.5m high) for up to 60No. 7.5m vessels. Creation of docking point for loading tractor.

More details on line here from GBC

Planning documents

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