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Road Names

Minton Tiles

Clarence Road South in Minton Tiles

Clarence Road South in Minton Tiles

Street signs made from these tiles, produced by the Minton Company, came into fashion in the late Victorian period when houses were given numbers instead of the old system of naming terraces and giving house their own name. Gosport Surveyor William Henry Fry set about organising the chaos that was Gosport’s street naming. His solution was to systematically number houses in every street starting at the end nearest to the town centre, odds on one side, evens on the other. He found there was no agreement on what the roads were called or how to spell them. He did a good job of creating order from chaos, but not every house owner wanted them to be chiselled into their walls.

Prince of Wales Road

Prince of Wales Road

Minton tile

‘Minton’ in mirror

This section of missing tile in Prince of Wales Road shows the name ‘Minton’ transferred to the mortar which held the tile in place. Sadly the missing piece has been lost.


The greatest concentration can be found in Alverstoke village where you can find eight sets for six roads.

Place Quantity
Alexandra St 1
Alver Road 1
Anns Hill Rd 1
Besmisters Lane 1
Brockhurst Road 1
Bury Rd 1
Church Rd 2
Clarence Rd South 1
Cottage Grove 1
Coward Rd 1
Cranbourne Rd 1
Felix Road 1
Forton Rd 1
Gladstone Rd 1
Grove Rd 1
Hambrook Rd 1
Haslar Rd 2
Jessie Rd 1
Kings Road 2
Lees Lane North 1
Leesland Rd 1
Moreland Close 1
Little Lane 2
Norman 1
Paget Rd 1
Park Rd 1
Pelham Rd 2
Percy Rd 1
Prince of Wales Rd. 1
Privett Rd 1
Richmond Rd 1
Spring St 1
Trafalgar Square 1
The Avenue 1
Thomas Rd 1
Tintern Rd 1
Victoria St 1
Village Rd 1
Westfield Rd 1
Wilmott Lane 1
Jessie Road 1
Whitworth Road 1
Total 46

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Read the article by Philip Eley in Alverstoke Alphabet.

Blue Enamel Road Signs
These are earlier than the ones in Minton tiles and are harder to find.

Henry Street blue enamel sign, rescued from a Gosport Junk shop

Henry Street blue enamel sign, rescued from a Gosport Junk shop

Place Quantity
Brougham Street 1
Durham St 1
Harcourt Rd 2
High Street 1
Lavinia Road 1
Queens Road 1
Stoke Rd 1
Hartington Road 1
Seafield Terrace 1
Shaftesbury Road 1

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